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The Energy Benefits of Light Control

At ElecPros, we provide the highest quality lighting systems for our customers. Lutron light controls do more than just save you money on your electric bill; they also improve the quality of your life and your work environment.

Lutron Lighting Control

Lutron® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting controls and systems for 1/2 a century.  Claiming over 90% of the lighting control market, they offer shading solutions and have opened a new world of possibilities by seamlessly integrating electric and daylight control with a focus on innovation, world-class engineering, and customer service. Lutron blends technology with design and environmental sensitivity to provide the ideal solution for total light control.

There are so many benefits to light management, including:

Improved Productivity and Comfort

Light controls help you create a more comfortable and productive environment. No matter whether you’re installing controls in your home office or a commercial building, Total Light Management can improve the quality of lighting in your building. As a result, you stay focused and become more productive.

Dimmers Save on Energy Costs

Installing Lutron dimmers will automatically save you 4-9% on your electric bill – even on the brightest setting. And when you dim the lights, you save even more electricity. Virtually all lighting sources can be dimmed, including halogen, LED and CFLs. Did you know that dimming halogen lights can reduce your energy use by as much as 28%? Aside from the savings benefits, dimmers can also improve the ambiance of your home.

Automation Systems Improve Life Quality

With automated systems, like Lutron’s HomeWorks and occupancy sensors, you can improve the quality of your life. These systems can turn lights on or off according to the time of day or changes in lighting. Automation systems do all of these things automatically, so you can come home to a well-lit house or make sure that all lights in the office are turned off after closing time. Automation makes your life easier.

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