Aluminum wiring in homes met most local codes until the practice was ended in 1974. Homes built in that decade and prior still have these wires in place and should undergo wiring replacement for safety.

Aluminum wiring in conductors and branch circuits was a common practice in home and motor/mobile home construction industry from 1965 to 1974, the latter year being when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission held hearings around the country seeking information about possible hazards associated with the use of aluminum wiring in home electrical systems. While not outright banning the use of aluminum wiring, the CPSC issued a series of recommendations to better protect homes from fire and over-heating hazards and the practice came to a virtual halt.

However, homeowners were not required to change the aluminum wiring and even today people with homes built in the era have aluminum wiring that was “grandfathered” as acceptable.

The problem with aluminum wiring is that it is susceptible to constant contraction and expansion, and could lead to the potential risk of fire and dangerous overheating. Trouble signs include warm switches or receptacle face plates, a strange of distinctive odor or the smell of burning plastic in the vicinity of a switch or receptacle, and flickering of lights not traceable to appliances or obvious external causes, according to the CPSC.

ElecPros Electrical Services licensed electricians are experts at detecting the existence of aluminum wiring and devices in homes, and making the necessary corrections, repairs and upgrades to protect a home from the potential risks. If you notice some of the warning signs or even suspect your home might have aluminum wiring, have the professionals at ElecPros Electrical Services conduct an electrical system inspection to identify the potential problem areas and perform the necessary fixes and repairs to have your home safely brought up to modern codes.

Getting an automatic back-up or standby generator installed in a home protects against power outages.

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