Adding Outlets

In just about every home call we go on the homeowner mentions that it would be wonderful to have a few more plugs – outlets – in the kitchen, bath, family room, bedrooms, basement; well, everywhere. It’s no surprise really. Where once we had a television we now have all of the ancillary devices that all plug in. And that computer area – plug-in devices galore. Don’t forget the kitchen and bath where the wonders of modern life have added plug-in appliances for every convenience and task. We all plug in in the bedrooms, the hallway, downstairs in the basement, and now even every garage needs electrification beyond what anyone would have envisioned just a few years ago.

Of course, there’s much more to adding outlets than slapping on a new receptacle and tapping into a nearby power source, like an existing outlet. Bathroom, kitchen and garage outlets have to be GFIC plugs and switches, for instance. And the power needs have to be taken into consideration: too many appliances in the kitchen or den will quickly overload the circuit and lead to a circuit break or potential overheating.

On the other hand, professional electricians like those with ElecPros Electrical Services can get all new outlets in quickly – with complete safety and up to the latest codes. All you’ll have to do is shop for more gadgets to plug in.

Aluminum wiring in homes met most local codes until the practice was ended in 1974, If your Outlets contain aluminum wiring check out our Aluminum Wiring Replacement Services.

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