Electricial Services


Has an abrupt electrical short left you in the dark? Is one of your outlets continuously tripping the circuit breaker? Do you need to upgrade your whole house’s electrical service? If you need any electrical services in Baltimore MD you’ve come to the right place — ElecPros!

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Access Control Systems

We provides quality electrical solutions for homeowners from the smallest problem to the largest remodeling project.


Agricultural Grow Lighting

More people are turning to small grow lights indoors for home-grown food products and flowers.

Appliance Installation

Many appliances used in homes and offices require specialized and/or dedicated electrical service to operate efficiently and safely.

Basement Wiring

Older basements can be designed to be wonderful living spaces.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are great for circulating both warm air and cool air for year-round comfort, but they can be tricky to install correctly.

Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit

An interruption in service can be devastating to business operations, leading to unnecessary downtime.

Computer / Phone / Cable TV wiring

Convenience in the era of so many wired and wireless devices is easy with expert wiring services for the entire home.

Educational Facilities Electric Services

Many Baltimore school districts turn to ElecPros Electrical Services for top-notch, professional electrical services.

Emergency Electrical Repairs

We’re on so that you can be off is our motto. Rely on ElecPros 24/7.

Facility Maintenance Electrical

How can ElecPros Electrical Services help your facility maintenance team?

Residential Electrician

New plugs and switches, minor repairs, or whole-home electrical revamping.

Hot Tub Wiring

A good soak after a long day is a welcome relief, but hot tubs and spas require professional wiring services.

Infrared Panel Scanning

A quick and easy service in the hands of a professional electrician can identify potential dangers before they become real.

L.E.D Lighting

LED lighting systems save commercial property owners and homeowners alike with significant energy efficiencies.

Lighting Design and Installation for Commercial Spaces

Lighting systems in office buildings, warehouses and industrial plants help get the job done and make a professional.

Lightning Strikes

Lightning strikes can play havoc with an electrical system, and our services are designed to minimize the damage.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds beauty and security to any home, and enhances outdoor living spaces.

Property Maintenance

For commercial property and multi-family residential managers having an electrical property maintenance partner saves time, expenses and hassles.

Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit

The electrical system in your home is, along with plumbing, the key infrastructure system that makes everything possible.

Security Lighting

Lighting acts as a key deterrent to criminal activity and peace of mind for tenants.

Service Additions

UPS systems are critical for computers and data devices so that valuable information is never compromised.

Adding Outlets

In just about every home call we go on the homeowner mentions that it would be wonderful to have a few more plugs


Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Aluminum wiring in homes met most local codes until the practice was ended in 1974.


Back-up Generators

Getting an automatic back-up or standby generator installed in a home protects against power outages.


Bath Remodeling Services

On a par with kitchen remodels, bath remodels weigh in as an investment that will pay off when it comes time to sell.

Circuit Additions

Commercial property managers and homeowners often need to add new circuits to their electrical service to expand.

Commercial New Construction

Baltimore Maryland’s premier General Contractors have depended on ElecPros Electrical Services since 2000.

Design-Build Commercial Electrical Services

Design-build commercial electrical services speed the permitting process and get the proper job done on time.

Electric Meter Installation

Electric usage meter technology is changing, and an upgraded meter will ensure both convenience and accuracy.

Exit Signs and Egress Lighting

Just because they are required by commercial building codes doesn’t mean they have to be mundane.

Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical needs are always changing.

Hospitality Electrical Services

ElecPros Electrical Services has performed award-winning electrical services for hotel operations throughout Baltimore MD.

Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial buildings today have more electrical requirements than ever before in construction history.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

ElecPros Services Kitchen Remodeling Team is committed to uncompromising quality and satisfaction

Light Fixture Installation – Residential

New lighting can enhance any decor and help create an aura of elegance an ambiance to any room.

Lighting Maintenance

Maintenance for lighting systems in large commercial spaces keeps the lights on and the business running for the long haul.

Low-Voltage Electric Services

Wiring for cable connections and telephones also take some expertise.

Oven, Stove and Range Wiring

The modern kitchen features a marvel of cooking options, and getting the wired correctly will lead directly to haute cuisine.

Remodel Services

We have tons of experience working with architects and contractors in meeting the electrical needs of any remodeling plan.

Security Cameras—CCTV

Closed Circuit Television adds an extra layer of security for building entrances, exits, and parking lots.

Server Room Electrical

The electrical demands for modern computers systems and servers require an electrician with the expertise to handle the job.

Service Upgrades

Many structures, both residential and commercial, require service panel upgrades to meet current electrical codes.

Switch and Receptacle Repair

Unsightly, broken or overheated switches and receptacles create both aesthetic and potential hazardous issues.